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Caring for your leather

Rule 1! Attend to spills on leather immediately!
Be aware that:
Most leathers are treated with a topcoat or waxy protective layer during tanning, but this does not render the leather waterproof, and once stained the marks are tricky to remove.
The effectiveness of this initial topcoat will also diminish over time and with use.
To delay the onset of fading and drying keep leather away from direct heat or cooling devices, and away from the sun.

Regular vacuuming and a good wipe down with a soft cloth and a cleaning cream is suggested every three to six months.
Follow this with a light rub of a specialist leather conditioner, (NOT shoe polish!). Allow it to absorb and then buff it with a dry cloth to a shine. This can be done as frequently as you wish until you achieve the glossy finish you desire.
NB. Overly vigorous rubbing can change the nature of the top coat.

Specialist cleaning products can be purchased from Whatnot.

– Deep cleaning cream

– Non-sticky wax

– General purpose cleaning and conditioning foam spray

– Leather and fabric protector spray, (like a Scotch Guard]

– Colour rejuvenating creams: neutral, ruby, tan, brown and black.

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